Pigeons are highly adapted to human environment. They can prove disturbing as rats. This is on the fact that they feed on foods especially grains in your homestead. Due to their behavior it becomes necessary to look for ways of dealing with these pigeons. Here are effective ways of dealing with them.

Removing all water and food sources .By ensuring all the available foods for poultry such as grains and other leftovers are removed from the open air and covered well will make the disturbing pigeons fly away in search for foods. As they fly to various places for food, they will discover a new source of food. This will make them give you peace by setting up new nests on those places.

Destroying nests and any eggs laid in the nests. By doing this regularly the pigeons will feel disturbed and unsafe. This will make them fly to other safer grounds. This can be a great solution incase pigeons are persistent on your premise.

Using live traps. By trapping the pigeons you can easily eliminate them from your bungalow. This is easily achieved if they are not many. A live trap with bait will attract the birds as they will enjoy feeding on the bait. This birds are social birds by trapping one in a live bait others can easily enter the trap to feed with their companion making you trap even more of them at a go.

Ensuring your premise has no openings to allow pigeons build their nests Pigeons sometimes use your roof to build their nests. Closing this access will allow less pigeons near you.

Employing Pest Control This is a chemical substance that is used as a bait to render pigeons eggs non viable. This is helpful as it will help reduce the population of the pigeons to a level that they can cause less harm to your properties in areas where they are overcrowded.

Using pigeon repellants. They are available in different forms, there are those that are sticky and others that are unfriendly to the breath of birds. After the pigeons note these messy substances in their habitat they can opt to abandon the habitat hence making the repellants get rid of them easily.