Nesting mice in the garage is a vexing problem as they are very destructive. They may chew electrical wires, build nests in the insulation walls thus clumping it and reducing its insulation value. Mice can also be very humiliating as they may hide in the garage tools and boxes at the garage. The following is a deep description on the best way to keep your garage free of mice without calling pest control toronto.

Remove any source of food near the garage and even clear the leftovers. Whenever food is left at the garage, it attracts the mice and hence the best way to avoid mice infestation to ensure no food is left in the garage or even in its vicinity.

Try to Set live mouse traps at strategic points within the garage with small pieces of cheese which act
as baits. These traps are set in a way that the open end faces the access point of the mouse. Check the traps daily and transfer them in any new access places used by the mice. All the mice in the long run will be trapped but this doesn’t mean you stop placing the traps.

Spray mouse repellents within the perimeter of your garage The repellent might chase away mice that
are in the walls towards the garage and with the traps in place, they will definitely be trapped. A very simple repellent can be made by mixing 1 teaspoonful of hot pepper sauce with % of cup laundry detergent plus a gallon of water.

Seal all the holes whether interior or exterior in order to limit the mice entry points. This could also lead
to death of mice that are in the holes. Sealing of all holes which are larger than % inch is recommended. You can set conventional mice traps in case no live mouse is trapped by the live traps. These kill the mice instantly and ensure that you take away all the dead mice before they decompose.

Lastly, you can place an ultra sonic mouse repelled within the garage to prevent future infestations.